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Typing may not be that simple as it looks. In fact, for typing, you need skill and do not forget that. The person will have to practice and then go for the WPM test. By going for the WPM test, you can evaluate the typing skill level. WPM test calculates not only typing speed per minute but also focuses on the accuracy factor. You will know the number of words you type in a minute with the accuracy factor in mind. The result of the test is based on two factors. Speed as well as accuracy. Division of a long word is also counted.


Different Modes in WPM Test

We came here with different modes of word per minute tests. It's up to you how much time you have and how much dedication you show for improving your typing skills.

If you are a guest user then you can freely choose between 1-min to 5-min wpm modes. And yes! You can definitely take these tests with repetitive and unlimited access. The value of your achievement depends on the modes you choose.


Get and Share Result

As soon as you complete your typing test, will get a pop-up window along with an option to get and share result.

As you click on "TO SHARE" you can share your scoreboard among your friends to different social media like Facebook, Twitter, and What's APP. Thus, this can motivate your friends to take this test and check their typing ability.


Choosing Complexity

A user has the freedom to choose any mode of complexity. The user is free to use with unlimited access.

Easy: Switching to this mode will help Beginners practice words per minute. It is a simple and easy mode for Beginners.

Medium: This is one step more advanced mode from Easy mode. Users who crossed the learning phase can use this mode.

Hard: This is the highest level to improve typing Score. This mode is for official working professionals.


Live Statistics

You can easily generate your statistics of your typing work. the average rating is 44WPM.

Test Hotkey

You can make use of the keyboard shortcut shift-return to restart the typing test.

Save & Download Report

After your test you can easily generate as well as download your word per minute test report.


Colemak is a keyboard layout for alphabets in Latin-script and created by Shai Colemak in 2006.

Error Detection

It is quite easy to detect your error while taking a typing test. Whenever your finger falls wrong.

Result Sharing

Once you complete the WPM test for the job, you can share your results on social media or with your friend .

Practice to Become Master of Typing

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can test typing WPM by simply using certain tools available online for free. It is easy.
You can follow certain mentioned procedures to enhance typing speed. Regular practice on the keyboard by following certain guidelines of typing is a good option
The biggest thing that matters for growth and efficiency is time. Companies and other workplaces need typists with fast speed.
Typing speed of 40WPM is considered below average. The average speed is 44WPM.
Practice regularly for 15 minutes rather than once a week for an hour.
Good WPM score is based on typing quickness with fewer typing errors.
The software tool you use or the website you use for the WPM test will display the result on the screen
It depends on the efficiency. Children are smart. They can even reach 100WPM.