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Keyboard Tester

Test every single key of your keyboard. Check if every key work with 100% efficiency and observe it live. The tookl keyboard tester helps you to test your any keyboard, that how effciently it works!

Test Your Keyboard!

About Keyboard Tester

We all are very well aware of the importance of having an efficient keyboard. From gamers and typists to school-going students, everybody relies on the keyboard to accomplish their daily tasks. Although we buy the best keyboard, there are times when your keyboard turns out to become unsusceptible, giving rise to typos.

Don't worry about such situations as we came up with the Keyboard Tester tool that diagnoses all issues of your keyboard, making it much more responsive for your typing purposes.

Detect all the faulty, unresponsive keys by taking our online keyboard test that undoubtedly gives you accurate results on your keyboard's health within a fraction of seconds. Overcome these faults of your keyboard and continue a pleasant typing period.

Uses of Keyboard Tester

You might puzzle about how will the Keyboard Tester help you in examining the keyboard's health. Here is the key to all your questions. One can give unlimited keyboard tests for various keyboard layouts mentioned below:

laptop keyboard tester

Test your Laptops Keyboard

Whatever might be the model of your laptop, this tool is compatible with all of them.

There are times when our keyboard stops working efficiently due to any function running and, we straight away go to purchase a new model, thinking that the old one is malfunctioning and is of no use anymore.

Using our online keyboard tester for a laptop will diagnose all such problems a keyboard faces, eventually saving your time and money.

laptop keyboard tester

Test Mechanical Keyboard

Similarly, the Keyboard Tester tool is also used to validate the mechanical keyboards. Instead of rushing to any electronic shop, take the online keyboard test.

Here, all you need to do is visit the webpage and tap each key of your keyboard.

You will find that on tapping the keys, the resembling keys change their color on the virtual keyboard displayed on the screen indicating the keys are in proper working condition.

laptop keyboard tester

Keyboard test for Mac

Just like the Laptop and Mechanical keyboard tester, this tool provides you with an online keyboard test for Mac.

Making it convenient for all the users to diagnose all the issues their keyboards face.

Regardless of the type and brand of the keyboard they have providing you an overview of the quality of your keyboard.

How to use the Keyboard Tester?

Using the Keyboard tester is not any tedious job. Having a simple-to-use interface makes it much easier for the users to take boundless keyboard tests.

Here are few steps mentioned below to guide you on how to use the Keyboard Tester:

Step 1: Best resources provide the best results. Open Google or any other search engine of your choice and browse for the best online keyboard tests.

Step 2: From the results displayed, click on Keyboard Tester to visit its web page.

Step 3: Once the webpage is loaded, read all the instructions before you proceed further.

Step 4: You will see a virtual keyboard displayed on your screen. Now begin the test by tapping each key of your keyboard.

Step 5: As you keep on typing, you will see the resembling key change its color on the virtual keyboard, indicating that your keys are working efficiently.

Step 6: On tapping the keys, the color turns to blue and, as soon as you lift your hand, it turns back to green color, which is a sign of the proper working condition of the keyboard.

Step 7: Unfortunately, if the keys don't turn back to the green color, it means that there are some issues with your keyboard. That's it! You have successfully given the test.

Why use an online Keyboard Tester?

Perks of using an online Keyboard Tester are limitless. Below are a few of the advantages that make the Keyboard Tester superior.

It will help you to test the keyboard: Faults in keys of keyboards are too distressing and needs to be detected super soon. A healthy, proper functioning keyboard helps you to type efficiently to boost your work productivity. Hence it's crucial to take an online keyboard test and diagnose all the issues it's facing.

It is free/open-source and easy to use: The specialty of the tool is that it is a free, easy-to-use open-source platform making it convenient for anybody to take the tests and detect their keyboard issues easily within seconds.

You do not need to register or sign up or input personal details to use this tool: Some tools ask you to register before using the app and input your details, intruding on your privacy. But we prioritize user privacy and convenience. That is why the Keyboard Tester tool does not ask you for any registration or to input any personal details.

Unlimited key test: Users are not bound to take the test for a limited period. One may use the tool 24/7 with unlimited access for giving the test.

Support all keyboards: To make this tool available to all the users, it has compatibility with all types of keyboards, be it from Mac keyboard to any Laptop Keyboard.

Detect causes of keyboard issues and help you to rectify the problem: Why users should prefer taking online keyboard tests is because the tool detects all the issues of your keyboard and helps to rectify these issues for a pleasant typing experience.

How efficient keyboard helps you to type faster?

Every one of us relies on keyboards to accomplish our daily tasks or to pursue a stable career path.

For this, it is mandatory to have an efficient keyboard that lets you type faster accurately. When there is any defect in your keyboard, and it starts malfunctioning, it eventually gives rise to typos letting you not type accurately and degrades your typing speed.

Hence, this makes having an efficient keyboard vital for a better typing speed and experience.

Important Keys of Keyboard

Spacebar: It is a prominent key used to enter a space between the words while typing.

Tab Key: The tab key provides a provision to advance the cursor to the next tab stop.

Control Key: The most beneficial key for enabling the other keys on the keyboard to perform secondary functions.

Shift Key: Often referred to as modifier key used to type capital letters and other alternate upper characters.

Enter Key: Known as return key used to move the pointer to another line or to execute any command or operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if my keyboard fails the test?

There are many ways to fix keyboard issues but, the best way is to restart your computer before troubleshooting. The problem might be related to software or hardware. Restart your computer and enter BIOS. If you enter BIOS, it is a software issue.

If you don't enter then, it is a hardware issue. For software-related issues, update/restart the driver. For hardware-related issues, unplug all the peripherals and clean your keyboard.

Spacebar not working?

We can understand how annoyed you might be in such a situation. Here is the key to your issue.

1. You may check the sticky keys feature on your system and disable it to get back your spacebar.

2. In the device manager, select your keyboard and click on the properties option to roll back to the keyboard driver to an earlier version.

3. If both the above steps do not work then, try uninstalling your keyboard driver.

Is this tool support all keyboard models?

Yes, our tool Keybaord Tester is compatible with all types of keyboard brands and models, making it convenient for the users to make use of this tool.

How to fix the Number keys not working?

It feels irritating when you have so much workload, and your number keys cause you a problem. But, you don't need to worry about this. Here are 5 methods you may try to fix your number keys problem:

• Turn off Mouse Keys
• Enable the NumLock key
• Update your keyboard driver
• Use a different user profile
• Check hardware issues

How to fix a mac keyboard not working?

Spending money buying on purchasing a mac keyboard and then it suddenly stops working can disappoint you. Here are few steps you may follow to get your keyboard back in working condition

Begin with cleaning your keyboard. Dust and other debris be the most common reason for your keyboard's malfunctioning. If your firmware is outdated, there are chances that your keyboard might not function properly so check for updates.

If your keyboard started malfunctioning after installation of any recent app then, it is recommended to uninstall those recent apps from your device. Lastly, turn off slow keys and mouse keys.