About Us

Wpmtest.org builds with the all efforts of our research and development team. We welcome you to one of the best word-per-count calculating machines in the world.

There are plenty of sites present over the internet that gives you a free opportunity to take the typing speed test online but nobody talks about the word per minute test because the wpm test is known as another name i.e nothing but typing test.

We took a lot of time in research to think about how and what features we cal additionally provide you to being here to test and improving your typing skills. We show real-time typing accuracy, speed, errors, and time you have left. Else we are giving an additional feature where you can collect a free certificate for you with one click. And the main thing is you can share your results with your friends, on social platforms.

We have given very ultra features which can easily give you an idea of where you did mistakes. We also show your mistake in typing as highlighted in red cross line to the particular word. Also, you can copy or download a text file of the word list with just a single click you typed. So, that you can easily find out where you did the mistakes.

We referred many books to taken out words like where you can improve your typing skills. We designed the words in the paragraph with their difficulty levels. We designed three complexity levels for you i.e Easy, Medium, and Hard. These words are taken from uncopyrighted old books.