Speed Reading Test

Have you ever wonder about how quickly you read something and understand it. But, this is not an easy task for everyone. If a person can read near about 1500 words in just 5 min and remember, understand every bit of it then, we can only call it is as a god gift with that ability. But, if you are slow at reading, then you also can improve it by practicing it. Speed reader test tool helps you with practicing your reading and understanding. Many users from every corner of the world use RSVP and Scroll Text reading techniques to improve their reading speed.

Reading Speed Test

Improve your reading speed and understanding ability.

The reading speed varies from person to person because every person has it's own learning and reading abilities that he does not cross. But, the reading, understanding, and memorizing abilities can be improved by practicing over it.

Here, the reading speed test from wpmtest.org plays a vital role for their users. The Speed reading test ables you to read a paragraph within a certain time period. But, it's up to you when you click on start and stop. After you click on the "Stop" button the result comes with your reading speed score with your word per minute reading ability, it decides how many words can you read in one minute.



Learn How to speed read - Speed Reading Technique

Reading speed can play many roles in your life, such as learning and memorizing something for an exam or reading and memorizing concepts before your presentation. Users use many tools to improve their reading speed. The RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) is one of the testing tools available for it.

In this method, you see one word at a time at the same place. That words get randomize from the paragraph available in the database. You will get unique words every time. You can set a speed of words to appear, it ios measures in words per minute.


Scrolled Text

How To Absorb Information Quickly and Effectively

The scroll text test is another very popular tool from the reading speed test. As the name suggests scroll text, the line of text starts scrolling from the right to the left corner when you click on the start button. But, this test is more challenging than RSVP because now you have to focus more on words that are moving before you, and you need to be very proper while reading to follow its sequence.

Try to keep a proper distance between you and your screen so, that you can see words clearly. It is important to avoid looking directly at the text because it changes its position due o the scroll effect.