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Maybe you have passed the first round of screening of an exciting new job, but you have been asked to submit a typing certificate.

Perhaps you are not aware of the procedure to get a typing certificate. Regardless of your situation, there is no need to worry anymore. Here, we are going to tell you everything you need to know to get a typing certificate.

Certification level

You can get certified multiple times on any keyboard layout. Only your best score counts. You can also check your rankings in our high score table after passing the certification test.

What is a typing certificate?

A typing certificate is a document that provides information about an individual's typing speed and accuracy. It is a document that is awarded to you after you complete a typing assignment, which often requires you to meet particular criteria to qualify. These can include typing at a certain speed or words per minute or maintaining accuracy.

Community colleges, education centers, and employment agencies are among organizations that offer testing and certification in typing. A typing certificate might be a prerequisite for particular jobs that require you to type [data entry, transcription, and other typing-related jobs].

Employers may need typists with a minimum words-per-minute typing speed and a high rate of accuracy. A typing certificate tells the employer that you are ideal for jobs that require fast typing skills.

However, in today's ever-changing job market having this certificate can give you an edge over other candidates.

How can I get a free certificate?

You can earn a certificate for free by clearing all typing exams. For getting a free online typing certificate you have to take a 10-minute test and score a minimum of 25 WPM with 80% or greater accuracy.

You can pass these typing tests by studying with typing lessons provided by us. These lessons will help you master keyboard fundamentals and will also enhance your typing speed. You will receive a professionally printed certificate via email. A certificate will contain your WPM score, certificate ID, and your name.

In addition to your WPM score, the typing certificate includes information on when the test was conducted, the duration of the test, and the signature of the person who conducted the test.

The certificate is downloadable. You can print your certificate any time from our server without any charge.

The typing certificate is 100% legit. You can attach it to your resume or CV.

What are the criteria for getting a typing certificate?

1. You must be a registered user of wpmtest.org.

2. Guest users or free users cannot avail of typing certificates until they register.

3. So your first and foremost step must be to register for free at wpmtest.org.

4. The criteria for getting typing certificate is typing speed of 25 WPM with 80% accuracy.

5. You can clear all typing tests [classic as well as advanced] to get a new certificate.

I have lost my typing certificate. What do I do now?

You can reprint your typing certificate from the print certificate link. But you will have to remember your Certificate number to reprint your certificate. You will have to give the typing test again and get a new certificate if you forget your certificate number.

It was all about how you can get a free online typing certificate. Follow these procedures and add the certificate to your resume while applying for jobs.

The typing Certification process

Testing usually involves a series of three or five-minute typing tests. The testing includes multiple passages. The candidates have a given amount of time to type the passages as quickly and accurately as possible.

Once the time is up, the test is immediately scored. After this, the candidates can view and analyze the results.

The test generates three scores: Words per minute [WPM], Number of errors, and adjusted words per minute [WPM-Errrors]. Responses are graded for time and accuracy, and errors may detract from the overall words per minute score.

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